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5 Automated Emails to Boost Your Ecommerce Store

“Set it and forget it” is not just for rotisserie chickens anymore. Creating automated emails is the one must-do for all eCommerce businesses. 

Email automation involves time or action-triggered emails such as anniversaries or birthdays, website activity, abandoned carts, and activity (or inactivity).

Creating on-brand, automated emails will give you access to and the respect of customers time after time, and you only need to do it once. (Though, you really should at least check in on your roasting chickens and automated emails once in a while.)

Here are our top five automated marketing email recommendations for any online store.

1. Automated Welcome Email

Once you get a shopper to hand over the goods (read: their email), you have one opportunity to make the right impression. They’re already at least a little interested, so show them why they made the right decision by joining your list.

Whether it’s a welcome offer or a little company background, you need to provide immediate value to keep your subscribers subscribed. 

From here, you can even automate your entire sales or onboarding process, from case studies to free demos. Whatever you’re doing over and over again can be automated with a personal touch.

2. Abandoned Cart Email

Cover your eyes, this stat isn’t for the faint of heart: abandoned shopping carts are on the rise, with the current rate of abandonment hovering around 75%. Yep, three out of four shoppers will leave your site with your shit sitting in their metaphorical shopping carts.

And while studies show that most shoppers do intend on returning (also around 75%), most won’t. 

There’s a cure for this madness, however, and it’s called an abandoned cart email. This does require that your shopper has already signed up for your email list and is “cookied” by your website, but studies show that 60% of shoppers who receive a personalized abandoned cart email return to make a purchase. 

Some savvy shoppers will even leave your site with a full shopping cart just for a chance to receive an abandoned cart discount. Whether you reward them for it or loathe them, dropping an automated hint can secure you with major extra cash.

oyster bay automated emails
oyster bay automated emails

3. Email to Engaged Customers

Reward your biggest fans for their support, automatically. Your email service can track who is always opening your emails and clicking your links to see who is highly engaged with your message.

Create an email thanking them for their support, ask them for their opinion in a poll or product launch, or invite them to a fans-only event or early product release. Throw in a discount code to really show your customers how much you appreciate their business.

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4. Re-Engagement Emails

On the other end of the spectrum, you should also periodically reach out to your not-so-engaged subscribers. Choose a set amount of time or number of unopened emails to reach before sending over a discount on their first sale or purchase. Or maybe you have new products or updates that could win them back.

Want to dig a little deeper? Consider polling your “toughest critics” on their preferences to help you create a better email experience for all your subscribers. 

Lastly, don’t forget to periodically clean your email list and remove those stragglers. A year without opening an email from you? Give them one pleading chance to stay on your list (maybe they just skim subject lines?) and automate an “opt-back-in or else” email.

Not only will this help you keep a clean email list, but you may actually reconnect with shoppers who are now ready to buy your products or who are still on the fence.

5. Customer Success/Follow-up

You may have heard of UGC—or User Generated Content. It has quickly become one of the most essential and sought-after forms of content for all brands on social media. 

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Whether they’re posting a photo with your product on Facebook or bragging about their results on TikTok, you want to be promoting the creation of this kind of content wherever you can be.

One easy way is by using automated marketing emails.

Create follow-up emails to be sent to customers after they’ve made a purchase, asking them for a Google Review (double points for the SEO boost you get from customer reviews on Google!). 

You can then use this review on your website or social media channels (or other automated emails!) to show potential customers what their peers are saying.

The beauty of email automation is that you can let your email service do the heavy lifting. They automatically track users, send out relevant emails based on your initial settings, and compile results so you can tweak as necessary. 

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