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Individuals are exposed to thousands of ads. One side effect of this is that many people have become numb to advertisements and will even make an effort to completely ignore them. So how do you make sure you aren’t ignored? Grab their attention quick. And by quick we mean in 3 seconds or less. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of intriguing product photography. Check out a few reasons why product photography is extremely important to any business that sells goods.

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Let’s face it. A bad photo could prevent you from making a sale. Think about the last time you were doing some online shopping and saw a product image that was out of focus or at a bad angle. You might’ve not even read what the product was, yet you already have a negative feeling towards it. Odds are you didn’t buy it. You don’t want to be that company. Make sure you put your best foot forward from the time consumers first look at your product photography. We can help with that. It’s extremely tough to change the perception of your brand once a consumer has already made up their mind.

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Practically every business posts photos online. This results in tons of content out there for users to see, making it hard to separate yourself from the crowd. Having engaging and eye-catching photos is one of the best ways to position yourself above the competition. The images you decide to post will come to represent your business as a whole (for better or worse). The more visually appealing your content is, the more consumers will pay attention. Once you’ve gained their attention, continue to target this audience to generate interest (Check out our blog on the AIDA model to learn more about this). Chances are they won’t buy your product after seeing just one photo.

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“The Images You Decide To Post Will Come To Represent Your Business As A Whole.”


This is especially important for new or different products. If a viewer of your advertisement has never seen anything like your product chances are you need to show them how it works. You might even need to show customers new features they were previously unaware of. Apple has always done a great job of this when marketing the new features of the iPhone. You can also use this visual content to directly stack yourself up to competitors. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Don’t underestimate the power of product photography as well as professional photography in general. Always showing your brand in a professional manner is critical to maximizing your sales and developing a strong, loyal customer base. If every piece of content you put out looks better than the competition, consumers are much more likely to advocate for you brand.

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