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Developing a digital marketing campaign is easier than ever for most businesses, but surprisingly, because of unclear legalities, large social platforms like Facebook place limits on many major industries including alcohol brands and dating apps.

So while many companies can rely on paid digital advertising, industries affected by platform censorship need to get creative to advertise their products. There’s no greater example than CBD companies.

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While federally legal to buy and sell, CBD products are often wrapped into the world of cannabis and wellness-related brands, which face major limitations when it comes to advertising. Even if your brand has a hard time passing through the pearly gates of paid advertising, you can still find success trying different CBD marketing strategies using a mix of:

Ironically, or perhaps unironically, the most effective way to promote CBD and hemp-based products is through grassroots efforts. This includes organic digital marketing services like SEO and content marketing to drive new potential customers to your website, discover your brand, and begin to view you as a thought leader in the industry.

Implementing an organic strategy may not lead to sales right away (like a paid ad campaign can), but it’s absolutely required for any hemp company to create awareness and build brand loyalty.


Most social platforms have similar general rules to keep in mind while posting about CBD, such as not allowing cannabis-derived CBD ads, ads that claim any health or medical status of CBD, ads that make unsubstantiated claims about your products, anything not approved by the FDA, or monetizing posts about CBD in general.

  • Avoid posting links to content that is prohibited by the social media platform you’re advertising on. Even if your imagery follows the rules, linking to prohibited content (like a CBD product page) can still cause a platform to flag your post or page entirely.
  • Some brands may be nearing that line between what’s allowed and what isn’t. Following their lead is risky and could result in the platform shutting down your brand’s page indefinitely. And we all know the “well they were doing it, too!” argument is SO second grade.
  • Don’t assume that each site has the same stipulations. Each platform has its own specifications of what’s allowed. Thankfully these rules change frequently and are growing more forgiving to CBD brands over time, but be sure to check into their requirements and prohibited behaviors frequently.

Generally, it’s best to look up the specific policies of any social platform you’re thinking of using as their rules change often as CBD becomes more highly demanded. Facebook’s policies still prohibit CBD advertising overall, but paid ads featuring certain items, phrasing, and links are now allowed.

Working with an experienced social media marketing agency like BLKDOG means you can leave the marketing to us and focus on your products.

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While we’re usually the ones to test how far we can cross over the line, it’s not the case with marketing CBD on social media. But there are tons of cool ways to follow the rules while effectively marketing your hemp brand.

  • While it’s possible to be a little creative with SEO, make sure that you aren’t doing anything underhanded to get around the system. Refrain from being too sneaky on your socials, not only for your brand account’s sake but to keep your company transparent to your consumers.
  • Stay active on Instagram and Facebook with daily content and community engagement.
  • Interactive quizzes and polls can drive engagement and get new eyes on your products.
  • Facebook and Instagram Stories can function as accessible FAQs, promote discounts and promotions, highlight your products, and shoutout influencers or customers who support your brand.
  • Working with influencers is a surefire way to promote sales of and education about your products. Endorsements or referrals from trusted influencers can automatically level-up your brand and lead to brand loyalty from the influencer’s follower base.
  • Have an SEO expert who understands the limitations of social platforms and the FDA optimize your website, such as specifying the hemp-based nature of your product. Close attention to SEO can help you find unique and effective ways to work within the system.
  • Attending industry trade shows is an easy way to spread your brand, share success stories, and learn from other similar businesses.
  • Don’t forget about good, old-fashioned email blasts! These are a great way to reinforce your brand image and keep customers updated on product launches and exclusive deals. But be sure to check your email provider’s policy on CBD and cannabis-related products (we’re looking at you, Mailchimp).

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Creating a CBD marketing strategy for social channels is still important, even with the restrictions. Taking advantage of organic traffic strategies like a consistent quality posting schedule, working with influencers, using optimized SEO that includes allowed keywords and keyphrases, and sending out emails to subscribers are all great ways to grow your CBD brand’s following.

If you want a more hands-off approach, BLKDOG has the experience and know-how to take your CBD brand to the next level.

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