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A winning cannabis content strategy is just as important as your logo, especially when it comes to connecting with your ideal consumers. There are many different types of consumers in the cannabis industry. Some are avid connoisseurs, looking to connect with a brand that they love. Other customers are entirely new to cannabis, and they might have a lot of questions. As a brand, you can connect with both of these audiences through content marketing.

Essentially, content marketing is about publishing useful content that your audience will like and share on their own. Through your content strategy, you’ll build your brand awareness and trust, so that those customers who saw your content will be more likely to purchase from you.

Content marketing comes in many shapes and formats, which one you opt for depends on your business and your target audience.

Make sure to check out our other post in this series on building brand loyalty, which will help you understand the importance of brand positioning, something that will help you decide what content to create.

Let’s Explore The Content Ecosystem:


In a nutshell, blogging is where you, as a thought leader or topic-matter expert, write about relevant topics to your audience on a regular basis. To create a blog content strategy, you need to start with a deep understanding of how your customers buy from you and what they are looking for. This will drive your SEO strategy and how you prioritize what needs to get written first.

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The average American spends more than two hours a day on social media, and while cannabis businesses cannot use paid ads on social media, they can still take advantage of organic social media marketing.

Choosing the right social media platform mix depends on what is the best way to reach your audience. What you post depends on your particular cannabis content strategy. Here are some best practices:

  • Think about your customers and what they may enjoy seeing or learning about.
  • Share content that’s visually appealing, shareable, and that engages your audiences.
  • Focus on building an organic reach by posting consistently.
  • Keep up with social media news and algorithm changes.
  • Interact and engage with customers by replying to comments, responding to DMs and questions, and reposting any content that others post about your business.


Instagram has explicitly said that its future is as a video, messaging, and shopping app. Other video-first apps and websites like Tiktok have proven that video is here to stay. You can incorporate video into your overall cannabis content strategy in many ways: how-to videos, behind the scenes of your company, educational videos, new product drops, and more! Create a Tiktok account or share via Instagram Reels. Create YouTube videos and embed them into your website content.

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Podcasting is the audio world of content marketing. Creating a podcast allows you to reach your audience in an intimate way, and share what makes you unique while educating your listeners. Come up with a concept, a name, and a format for each episode, and have fun with it! However, be careful not to over-prepare, as a podcast’s intimacy is its greatest strength. It should feel candid – like an insider’s view into your piece of the cannabis industry – yet thoughtful.



At its core, the content you create for your cannabis company must provide value and build trust. We specialize in helping cannabis brands stand out the right way while playing by the rules for cannabis marketing. Get in touch to learn how we build thoughtful, informed cannabis content strategies for brands all over the country.
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