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Fairport OCED business card design mockup.

In 2021, Fairport OCED adopted a new strategic vision to shape how it would continue to benefit the community. 

Using the strategic vision as a framework, BLKDOG developed a brand identity and economic development website that defines and properly positions the organization for prospective developers, businesses, residents, and visitors. 

Fairport New York, also known as the “Crown Jewel of the Erie Canal”, is a village outside of Rochester in Monroe County. The Fairport Office of Community + Economic Development (OCED) is an umbrella of four organizations:

  • Fairport Industrial Development Agency
  • Fairport Local Development Corporation
  • Fairport Urban Renewal Agency
  • Fairport Section 8 Housing Program

This project received a 2023 Excellence in Marketing Award from the New York State Economic Development Council.

Award-Winning Fairport OCED Organizational
Award-Winning Fairport OCED Organizational

Each year, NYSEDC presents this award to organizations that have achieved measurable results telling their story and serving the mission of NYSEDC.

“Proud to receive this recognition from the New York State Economic Development Council #community. This #collaboration with black dog DESIGNS LLC will improve our #connection to our residents and businesses!” – Martha Malone, Fairport OCED