Advertising Techniques for Your Next Campaign

Slice of Life

The first advertising technique we’ll talk about is Slice of Life. This is where you show regular people using your product as if it is their everyday life. For example if you are Tide, you may show a mom using Tide To Go on a child’s shirt at dinner.

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Another approach which is extremely common, is Humor. This approach is great at generating attention for your product or service. Many brands choosing to use humor have hit or miss advertisements, which is why it is crucial to ensure you are protecting your brand image at the same time.


Mood/Affect is another common technique to use in your advertising. This is where you set the tone around your offering in the advertisement. If you are a high-end hotel, you would want to use very scenic, extravagant imagery and backgrounds for the ad.

Research Based

Research Based is often used in ads that will compare their product to competitors. Using evidence that a characteristic of you product outperforms another is very common. Car commercials constantly inform viewers that their car is the best in class, safest, or other characteristics.


When an ad actually shows how a product is used, you are using a Demonstration approach. Think of brands like Swiffer who almost always show their products picking up a mess. Often times they compare themselves to generic paper towels or competitors as well.

advertising technique


Musical approaches can be used to psychologically connect with viewers. Many times, songs are played in the background throughout an ad campaign, and by the end of the campaign the song is considered household. People may not realize it but they are being influenced by the music.


Another way to get a leg up on your competition? Find an Influencer! Find a recognizable figure and place them in a position of authority while supporting your product or service. Influencer marketing has rapidly grown over the years and is now one of the top advertising techniques used by all brands.


Lifestyle approaches also have a great connection with viewers. Everyone attempts to picture how a product will fit into their lifestyle. Car, alcohol, and jewelry companies all try to frequently display how a customers lifestyle will be using their product. This lifestyle often ties in very closely with the brand image you have developed too.

Fantasy Creation

Some companies will use a Fantasy Creation to show how  it would be if a customer were using their product. Bud Light has recently used this tactic very well in its “Down for Whatever” ad campaign. They show people drinking Bud Light, resulting in a good time to persuade viewers that that’s what it is like.

Animation or Animals

Animation or Animals are used in many ads as well. Many times these characters are used as spokespersons for the brand. Geico and Aflac are two examples of brands who have done this and kept the character beyond the individual campaign’s life.

So there you have it! Some common advertising techniques to help your campaigns take the next step. Take a look at your advertising and see where you think you could improve! Combine a multi-channel approach while speaking the same brand message for maximum exposure and interaction.

Be sure to look at all possible advertising techniques when building out your next campaign. Contact us today for help!