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Chris, our Marketing and Accounts Manager, recently joined other industry leaders at the 2022 New York State Tourism Conference in presenting a recovery & resurgence workshop!

Our presentation focused on tourism’s relationship with workforce development, something our team has first-hand experience with.

Destinations and community leaders across the country are struggling to fill roles, retain college grads, and attract new residents. But as quality of life and work-life balance come to the forefront of the employer-employee relationship, tourism efforts and workforce development initiatives are poised for a more synergistic relationship.

By creating and promoting an authentic experience for visitors, you’re actually giving them a better overall taste of the area. When done properly this can speed up your destination’s workforce development goals. 

In his presentation, Chris laid out our framework for tourism and workforce development agencies, starting with collaboration. No tourism campaign or employee retention program can succeed without the support of the community it aims to serve. 

We start there, involving key area stakeholders right from the start. This gives us a clear picture of a destination’s strengths, its current areas for improvement, and what’s bringing new residents to the area already.

Additionally, we discussed how proper positioning, implementation, and measurement of a tourism campaign can encourage workforce growth in the long term. From government investment to business relocation, tourism often kickstarts a destination’s economic development. 



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