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Ocean pollution is a global problem, encountered by residents of beach communities and visitors alike. Seeing trash wash up with seaweed is not just off-putting, it’s dangerous for sea life and other animals.

80 percent of pollution enters the ocean from the land. Think straws, food wrappers, cigarette butts, all making their way from one place: human hands. 

A group of concerned Clearwater Beach, Florida community members – including area Chambers of Commerce, and hotel and resort operators – joined together to see what difference they could make through small, individual choices: and Ocean Allies was born.

Ocean Allies Stickers

Clearwater… Then The World

Tourism is a major economic driver for many communities, especially along the Gulf Coast in Florida. The increase in visitors also means an increase in dining out, shopping, and excursions that support entire communities, but also create plenty of waste. 

Ocean-friendly initiatives spearheaded by Ocean Allies members have helped to reshape business, tourism, and overall community pride in Clearwater, and now the entire Tampa Bay region.

As a member of Amplify Clearwater, and with decades of experience with economic development, tourism, and non-profit clients, BLKDOG was uniquely poised to assist on this project. 

which included a new navigation and layout to improve user functionality, plus a design refresh. Website goals included better educating community members about the mission, establishing the organization as a leader for this type of work, and providing clear action steps to site visitors, whether they were looking to join the certified business group or just make a donation.

Our team was proud to support the work of Ocean Allies with this project, as BLKDOG grows its presence in the Tampa Bay region and we begin to enjoy more time in the area, on-and-off the clock.

People on the beach picking up trash.

Ocean Allies members work with the community to connect other business owners to resources and education, organize beach cleanups, and assist other communities in developing and implementing eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives.

Clearwater Beach, Florida is home to one of the top-visited beaches in the country and is no stranger to large numbers of visitors.

Working to help small businesses make sustainable changes, Ocean Allies aims to prevent the need for beach cleanups. Becoming a certified Ocean Allies business means using up what you have and opting for more sustainable options moving forward: compostable take-out containers, reusable tote bags, water conservation efforts, and more.

Tourists, especially Gen-Z travelers, are increasingly opting for vacations in destinations focused on sustainable travel. Ocean Allies knows that tourism and conservation can work hand-in-hand.

Partner organization Clearwater Marine Aquarium is another great example of this, introducing visitors to marine life and educating them on the dangers of plastic in our waterways. CMA is also a working animal hospital, and they rescue, rehab, care for, and as often as possible, release marine life back into their natural habitats.