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Today’s consumers can’t get enough of craft beer. In the past decade, the craft beverage industry has exploded, starting in many ways with the beer industry. With the landscape more popular—and competitive—than ever, storytelling is a tried-and-true way to help your brewery stand out.

But… why stories? Stories help humans make sense of the world and themselves. Stories teach us, push us, scare us, inspire us, and they help build an all-important sense of community.

Storytelling plays an active part in developing intangible, positive associations with a brand. Studies even show that authentic and humorous brand stories positively influence a consumer’s ability to remember and prefer a brand over other similar options. Do you own a craft beer brand? Take advantage of the benefits of brand storytelling with these tips:


We know beer has deep connections to togetherness and community. Give your customers the chance to develop meaningful connections with your brewery and brand with a strong, interesting, and relatable story.

Some themes to explore:

  • Why does your business exist? Explore your “why” and the foundations that drive your passions.
  • What makes you unique? Do you work with local artists on label designs, or use an interesting ingredient? Talk about it! Your customers don’t know what they don’t know, so give them something to remember.
  • Think about the journey to create your craft brewery: There’s almost no chance the road was identical to someone else’s. If you have an interesting backstory or perspective, your audience can find something of themselves in it, get behind it, or share it with friends.
  • Keep your brand persona in mind: Storytelling should not be only about the beer itself, but it should also be about the community that drives it, the way you feel when you drink it, and the environment where you’ll drink it.
Northway Brewing Co.
Deer Slayer Beer


The right content can help spread your brand story and foster community. Your website is a great start. At the same time, social media gives you so many ways to tell your story; use Facebook live to connect with your audience, update them on what you are working on, and take questions. Build your brand identity on Instagram. Experiment with Instagram Stories, TikTok, and Snapchat to offer insider info about new and special releases.

Share the intimate details of how your beer got from grain to glass, that means behind-the-scenes information, rich with details. You can share information about what hops you use, your unique process or equipment, and the personalities behind the products. Share snippets and anecdotes to be passed around, retweeted, and liked.



When you define your story, make sure it’s one you can live by. Stick to your story and continuously work to communicate it. The reliable, supportive audience you’re looking to build will see through passing trends, and you’ll lose their support. Your honesty, humor, and dedication will resonate far better, and with the right people.

Oyster Bay Brewing CO.
Oyster Bay Brewing CO.