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Square for WooCommerce

Square for WooCommerce

It’s finally here! If your site has commerce functionality or you’ve even thought about it, Square now fully integrates with WooCommerce. This is a big day in the world of ecommerce, as the most customizable ecommerce platform now supports one of the most popular payment systems for businesses.

Why are we so excited? The integration of Square and WooCommerce now makes it easy to connect your offline and online stores by linking your accounts. By purchasing a license you will receive an abundance of benefits including the following:

  • Offline and online payments with one solution. Use Square to take payments on your online store!
  • Keep your online inventory up to date with your offline inventory. Inventory will automatically sync any changes between the two platforms.
  • Save time! Create and update products in WooCommerce, and watch them update in Square. This includes everything from product names to prices.


This integration helps businesses of all sizes to start, run, and grow with much less hassle than before. No longer do you need 2 payment systems for your online and offline stores. In case this isn’t enough the benefits go on!

  • Accept payment everywhere! The new reader also works as an EMV chip reader and accepts payment like Apple Pay.
  • Clear pricing and fast deposits. Deposits arrive in your bank account in 1-2 business days
  • Free chargeback protection. Square will automatically cover up to $250 in eligible chargebacks each month for free.
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Interested in learning more about how Square for WooCommerce can boost your sales? Give us a call today to learn why you should consider this ecommerce solution and how to get started!


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