Radicle Life


radicle (rad-i-kuhl): noun. 1. The first organ to appear when a seed germinates; Primary root.

For the team at Radicle Life, it’s all about growing high-quality CBD for their innovative product lines. A combination of aquaponics, varied growing environments, and a scientific approach has the team poised as leaders in the growing industry.

With a successful production for other brands under their belt, the team was eager to launch their consumer brand, Radicle Life. We helped to designed packaging and e-commerce site that remained cohesive while showcasing their type III CBD products.


Packaging Design


E-Commerce Development

Retailer Sales Materials

Label Production


“Through the entire process, they have been responsive, completing every request I’ve had… My brand is better than I could have imagined and I’m extremely proud of it, and the work that they’ve done over these past few months!”

IRIS ROGERS, owner, homestead hemp