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The Queensbury Hotel

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The Queensbury Hotel



The first project was to recreate their logo, making it sleek and simple to better fit their new image. By emphasizing the “Q” and leaving out the distracting graphics, the new logo is memorable to the viewer and makes it versatile for a variety of layouts and designs. The ability for the logo to fit both horizontally and vertically, as well as work as a stand alone icon, achieves this versatility. Step 1 of the rebrand complete!


Next up was revamping their website. Outdated and not reflective of what the owners looked for, we created a format that allowed for better visuals and functionality. Not to mention the site wasn’t responsive! We removed the old wordy passages, historical imagery, booking software, and allowed for a more interactive experience between the user and the website. You can check out the site redesign by clicking HERE!


Once the logo had been completed, and while the website was being redesigned, we got started on various print pieces. This included business cards, letterheads, standing banners, folders, notecards, keycard holds, and menus for Fenimore’s! Preserving the clean look of the new identity, all pieces are cohesive. Check some of them out below!


The Queensbury Hotel is back! Anyone from the immediate area knows the Queensbury Hotel is one of the area’s most historic landmarks. At 90 years old this year, you could say the hotel was due for a makeover. As of the past few months, the hotel is back under local ownership and experiencing it’s own rebrand as “The Queensbury.”

Much of The Queensbury’s old identity and supplementary pieces began to look dated. A rebrand was necessary to re-establish it as the premier venue in downtown Glens Falls. Doing so gave it a more updated identity that achieves a timeless look. We were lucky to work together to pull this off and jazz up The Queensbury’s identity.