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Shmaltz Brewing Company

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Shmaltz Brewing


Shmaltz Brewing came to us with the goal of revamping their website. Fellow members of the New York State Brewers Association, we networked with Shmaltz through our email marketing system. (Ask us for info). During our initial meeting, we identified some of the needs this new site would have. From an enhancements to their branding, to the ability to feature each beer, every award, and tons of press-releases, the to do list was chock full. Other main goals for the site included the ability for the marketing director, and art director to update almost every aspect of the site, along with their sales reps across the United States, to update and edit the calendar of events for this nationwide brewery. After much hard work, graphic design, web development, and high fives, we launched Shmaltz Brewing Company’s new responsive website in early 2016.


  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Email Marketing Template Design (Mailchimp)