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Rock Hill Bakehouse

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Rock Hill Bakehouse


Rock Hill Bakehouse has been producing handmade, hearth-baked, European breads for decades. Through their Glens Falls, NY storefront, as well as selling to grocery stores and restaurants, Rock Hill has certainly developed a large, loyal following. Rock Hill also offers a unique twist on their products as almost all of their bread and biscotti is vegan, allowing them to appeal to an even larger range of customers.

Upon taking on Rock hill as a client, we realized the opportunity to market their vegan products was not being taken advantage of as effectively as it could be. By redesigning their logo and packaging, we made it a point to emphasize this unique aspect. Since the selling of Rock Hill’s Glens Falls location, they have made the shift to selling to mostly grocery stores and restaurants. There are dozens of bread options when scanning the aisles at grocery stores, so our goal was to make Rock Hill’s products pop on crowded shelves.


  • Logo design
  • Packaging
  • Brand development
  • Design variations
  • Defining target market
  • Labeling development
  • Expand customer base
  • Barcode acquisition