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Quasar Mining

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Quasar Mining


Mining is the cryptocurrency system of trust, and its purpose is to facilitate a decentralized space. However, due to the competitive nature of mining it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to participate leading to a consolidation of power and centralization. The Quasar Mining Group, Inc intends to provide a legitimate, fully-transparent, and self-sustaining cryptocurrency mining ecosystem. Their token will enable its holders to participate in and realize the benefits of mining without overcoming the various barriers to entry. The Quasar solution is intended to ensure decentralization of cryptocurrency mining.

Our project with Quasar consisted of initial research into the crypto space, as well as the current branding and marketing landscaped used in the industry.

Brand development, marketing collateral, as well as a detailed pitch deck for investors was the initial project. Upon their success, black dog DESIGNS has provided continuing services in the form of personalized pitches,  apparel and client gifts, content building and additional support into building their web presence.


  • Pitch Deck
  • Brand Standards
  • Logo Development
  • Stationary Suite
  • Apparel and Merchandise
  • Parallax Website