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Dakine Cuisine

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Dakine Cuisine


Dakine Cuisine sells a family of gourmet food accents. Previously, Dakine sold their products wholesale/commercially to companies, who then packaged the goods as their own and sold it in their individual shops. Now, we have stepped in to help Dakine create it’s own brand identity- starting with a logo. Dakine Cuisine will begin to sell its products under the Dakine name in retailers, so our mission was to give them a professional, recognizable logo. Additionally, Dakine offers three signature products, each with their own logo. So, we created three variations of the same logo that had distinct aspects to differentiate the three products, but were close enough so that they were all obviously apart of the same family.


  • Logo development
  • Family of products
  • Label design
  • Logo variations
  • Website design
  • Barcode acquisition
  • Brand identity