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Packaging Design

How can I stand out on a crowded shelf?

What will make my packaging and label design unique?

How do I tie in my current branding and story?

Your product’s packaging design serves several major roles in your brand’s image. Often overlooked is package and label design at the product development level. Many businesses simply wait until they have a great product then attempt to quickly throw together packaging and a label design. These should be an extension of your brand’s image and connect with your audience.


Proper packaging design has the ability to communicate a large amount of information to customers. Among this should be some form of marketing communication. Your labeling and packaging is one of the last things a customer will see before making a purchase decision. Therefore this is your last line of sales communication in many cases. It is critical that your packaging utilizes your brand colors, logo, and displays desired messaging in an appealing manner.


Unique packaging and label design will create a competitive edge over your competition. This will develop brand awareness at the point of purchase where the final purchase decision is being made. Your design also should create harmony amongst all of your other marketing mix elements. When done successfully this becomes an extension of your brand message.


Many highly successful companies are known almost exclusively for their packaging. Others have developed hugely successful labels and packaging designs even with and already established identity. Think about unique ways you can steal the spotlight on the shelves.

If you’re looking to set your products apart from the competition, make sure your packaging design is converting for you at the point of purchase!

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