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Sleigh This Holiday Season: Holiday Marketing Tips

holiday marketing tips

Sleigh This Holiday Season: Holiday Marketing Tips

It’s that time of year again. Opportunity Time! As the holidays approach you might be thinking to yourself, how can I drum up some more business than last year and reach my sales goals for this final quarter? Now let’s be real, customers are exposed to so many ads and offers that it often can be difficult to set yourself apart. This may be especially true if you’re competing with larger brands. Let’s check out some of the more effective holiday marketing tips you can implement today to jump start your sales for the holiday season!

1) Retarget, retarget, retarget.

Out of all the holiday marketing tips, this is the most applicable to all businesses. If you’re an existing business then you most likely have a record of existing customers or followers online. This should be the first place you look to increase sales. They don’t call it low hanging fruit for no reason. These people already know what you’re about and have made the conscious decision to choose you. So how can you get them coming back?

  • Use Google’s remarketing ads to display content to users who have been to your website in the past
  • Retarget users similar to your email marketing subscribers on social media
  • Send out direct mail offers (if you have their addresses)
  • Send out abandoned shopping cart emails

These are just a few basic ways you can reach existing customers and followers. If you’re open to including a promotion these can truly incentivize them to come back.

2) Ecommerce!

Many people prefer to purchase a product right from their couch. It’s the age we live in now. If you’re able to sell your products or services online we highly suggest you do. It will also open you up to endless integrations with your other digital marketing channels. As brands such as Amazon have boomed over the last decade, users have become so accustomed to purchasing products online without ever having physically held them.

3) Instagram Shopping

For those of you who already have an ecommerce store. This can be a huge step forward. Social media continues to become a larger and larger player in the advertising world. Consumers consistently go here for reviews, new information,  and interaction through Instagram is among the highest of all channels (and trackable!). If you have a WooCommerce, Shopify, or another online store you can sync these with your Instagram page and start tagging products in your feed, stories, highlights, and anywhere else your products are seen. With 1 click users can go directly to that product in your store. Talk about making it easy for the consumer.

4) Keep it Simple

Speaking of easy to use, making it simple for users to purchase products is one of the most important website functions. If they’re having to click more than 2-3 times to put in their information, chances are they may go elsewhere. The “on-the-go” society we live in has decreased attention spans. Users want brief concise information, and the ability to quickly make a decision (purchase). Make it easy to see, review, learn, and buy.

We suggest you brainstorm how any of these holiday marketing tips can work (or be improved) for your business. If  you’re looking to craft your marketing strategy or are in need of content creation for you campaign, let’s talk!