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Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips

The average person receives over one hundred emails a day. It goes without saying that it’s a struggle to stand out when scooped in with the masses. The majority of people may have great things to offer, but they don’t know how to relay the information in an effective, engaging, and concise way. The real issue is usually not the company’s product, but their approach. There are a few key ways your emails can keep the reader hooked throughout your message. We’ve put together some email marketing tips to keep in mind next time you send out an email campaign.

Grab Attention

It takes a couple seconds for a person to decide whether or not they want to click on an email that took a solid half hour to construct. It doesn’t even seem fair! The subject line speaks volumes. It’s 35 characters that determine whether you’ll make it or break it. With that little amount of space, it’s important to start with the most important information at the beginning. For example, if there’s some type of sale on products, a company should put that in the beginning of the subject line rather than the end. It’s also important to remain concise in your email marketing efforts.

Be careful though. You want to avoid click bait.

Click Bait – When someone clicks on an interesting or controversial heading that has irrelevant content attached. A lot of respect if often lost, and once someone is fooled once they won’t be fooled again. Your subject lines must be related to your content, and straying far away is definitely not the answer.


Congratulations! You got a click on your email. Step one is a success. That click only means as much as your content. A hyped subject line and dry email are like oil and vinegar. Follow the tips below for clicks that last!

Details, Details, Details

The opening sentence should give the reader a great flow of important information. We’ll let the cat out of the bag – we all skim the pleasantries. Get straight to the point because that’s all people have time for when skipping through 100+ emails a day. To do so continue with the subject line mindset when writing the entire body of the email. People appreciate concise emails. You don’t want to lose one’s attention span due to the span of your email. If they want to view more information give them a place to go.

So what are some other ways to grab reader’s attention in your emails?


We all know you’d rather watch the movie than read the book. Use this approach when it comes to videos. Humanizing yourself is a great tool to use to gain exposure and even respect. You could also throw in a how-to or tutorial video depending on what you have to offer. Videos can attract all different audiences so mix it up.


These are especially great when sending out and working with businesses. Results can be shared effectively and a lot of information can be recorded quickly with surveys. It’s also convenient to get the answers to the questions that are most beneficial for you.


Infographics are great attention grabber and a quick way to relay information. They can fit many needs, including news letters, websites, and social media. Get creative with these to draw in attention to interesting facts and topics.

In addition to the content your email marketing campaigns hold, think about the design and layout of your emails. These should function well on mobile devices and be branded according to your company’s color palette, fonts, and overall identity.

Get in touch with us to learn how you can apply these email marketing tips to your next campaign in a professional, cohesive manner!


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