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How To Create More SEO Rich Content

SEO rich content

How To Create More SEO Rich Content

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. Content is kingThe more you put out, the greater likelihood you will stay on top of your audience’s mind. Regardless of the channels you use, creating SEO rich content should be a staple to your digital marketing efforts. By developing long form content on your website you will create more information that users can search online. It also helps direct traffic back to your site from other digital channels. Rather than just start typing and hoping your content ranks well in search results, start with the steps below to create more SEO rich content.

Start With A Keyword

The very first step to creating SEO rich content is to start with a keyword. Google ranks pages individually, not websites as a whole, making it important that each page or post on your site has a specific keyword that is the focus of that page. Also be careful of using the same keyword on multiple pages as Google will view this as a negative factor in ranking your content. Our suggestion? Create a content calendar and brainstorm a list of keywords that represents your offerings. Once you have that in place write your titles and content around these. Often times you can use the most common search terms for the primary pages of your website and save the more focused keywords for blog articles or interior pages.

Choose The Right SEO Title and Meta Description

Just because you chose the right keyword does not guarantee users will click on your content. Your SEO title and meta description need to grab user’s attention when shown next to multiple other articles and pages. It is often said that you should spend the most time of crafting your title, and this is especially important for SEO rich content.

Write Applicable, Valuable Content

Once you’ve determined your keyword and title now you’re ready to start writing. There are a few rules of thumb when creating SEO rich content.

  1. Each page should have more than 300 words
  2. Don’t overload your page with keywords
  3. Pay attention to the grammar and readability. (This is more important than you think!)


The first two rules above are fairly self-explanatory. Write a certain amount and be careful not to overload your page with the focus keyword. If your keyword density is too high then you will be penalized as Google wants to give users applicable, reliable content. The third rule above is where it may get a little tricky. There are multiple factors that play into a page’s readability. Simply by switching up your grammar you can actually improve the SEO performance of your content. This is a little tricky to learn at first, but by using a plugin such as Yoast SEO you can actually view these factors and see how your page stacks up in real time!

Tags, Links, and More

Now comes the tedious part of creating SEO rich content. Make sure to add alt tags to all your photos, create internal and external links, and finely comb through the details. These little nuances make a HUGE difference in helping Google recognize and understand your content. As mentioned above, use a plugin such as Yoast. This will give you feedback in real time so you don’t miss anything important.

Work SEO rich content into your marketing plan and start driving more traffic to your website! If you need help with any of this or other website needs contact us today!