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Case Study: Kru Coffee

Case Study: Kru Coffee

It’s common knowledge that coffee keeps many of us going during the work week. Whether you’re up early or late nothing helps you stay alert like a nice cup of joe. Recently we’ve been able to work very closely with a new coffee shop that just opened up in Saratoga: Kru Coffee. Starting with the brand and logo development and moving on to the website, packaging design, and signage, Kru’s identity has really come together. With an interior design to match all these pieces, let’s check out our latest case study on Kru Coffee!

Step 1: The Vision

Kru came to us early this year with the vision of creating a coffee shop focused on roasting high quality, fair trade coffee. In addition to offering coffee directly to consumers, Kru Coffee is placing a central focus on wholesaling their beans to restaurants and businesses. Once the vision was nailed down it was time for us to get to work.

Step 2: The Brand

After a few meetings we were really able to get an idea for what they were looking for, so we started developing some proofs, and eventually got it down to their current logo which you can see below. Since the interior design of the shop was being put together at the same time it was important to keep the logo in line with the vibe a customer will receive when walking in. This typeface logo is clean, simple, and appeals to both retail and wholesale customers. It also is versatile enough to work with their signage, menus, and other unique pieces like their custom Slayer Espresso Machines.

Step 3: The Packaging

One of the most crucial elements to the Kru Coffee brand development was the packaging design for their coffee bags. Seeing as how they are going to sell to both retail and wholesale customers, and make their beans available for purchase at the shop, the packaging needed to be unique. The design you see below uses their identity to give them a consistent image that customers will see all over.


Step 4: The Website

As many of the other pieces were being worked on we got a start on the website. This site is where we were really able to tailor the shop towards their vision. It gives them a crisp, clean, and modern look while engaging both retail and wholesale customers. Stay on the look out for more as you will soon be able to purchase their bean directly from the site!

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Next time you’re down in Saratoga and need a little boost stop in to Kru Coffee at the Fresh Market Plaza!


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