About Us.

We have experience building brands from the ground up as well as analyzing existing brands and implementing a strategy for improvement. Understanding the problem allows us to take a unique approach to each project and create a customized solution for you. We hustle every day to ensure your needs are satisfied to the fullest extent.

Our Process.

We are graphic designers, web developers, and marketing specialists.

Our small, carefully-chosen team of creative thinkers develops an intimate understanding of your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations and delivers solutions to help you reach your goals.

Our Skills.


Graphic design / Brand Strategy / Logo Design


FPS / MMORPG / TBT / And Everything Inbetween


Content Management / E-Commerce / Design


Campfire Making / Fishing / Tent Building


Strategy / Content creation / Analytics

Jesse Tyree


Art direction, campaign vision + strategy, 5:30am espresso refills, networking, internal pep rallies, and client relationships…… Jesse started BLK DOG in his twenties after working as a graphic designer for Verizon and Lee Enterprises where he was managing both internal and external client advertising campaigns. Seeing a need for a clear-cut solution for businesses looking for unique branding and marketing, BLK DOG has steadily grown into one of the top agencies in the Upstate NY area, serving local, national, and international clients. With a customer-centric, push-all-limits focus, he and his team have developed countless brands and campaigns that resonate with consumers and the B2B market. Jesse’s main drive at BLK DOG is to put out quality creative work that creates success for the agency’s clients, and staff. He lives in South Glens Falls with his wife, two daughters, two dogs, and elusive gato “Sonny.”

Lyssa Howard


Lyssa has been leading website development projects at BLK DOG since she joined in 2013. Developing professionally branded sites combined with top-line functionality involves the writing of custom code (using multiple methods such as PHP, CSS, and HTML) to tailor sites towards individual client needs. Lyssa lives locally with her spouse and dog Moose. Her awards include: 6th in the Nation for Graphic Design Competition – Skills USA. 3rd in the State for Photography Competition – Skills USA. Career & Technical Education Staff Award – WSWHE BOCES.

Chris Coughlan


Since joining BLK DOG, Chris has become the “go-to guy” for project management, client relations, and ensuring all the dominoes are in line for successful campaign execution. An experienced marketer managing both creative and campaign planning, he’s a master networker whose attention to detail shines through on every project he manages. His passion for results, new ideas, and client success are powerful tools during every campaign. Chris spends his focus crafting plans of action for clients and providing his team with the resources they need to create unique compelling work.

Lauren Occhiogrosso


Lauren O builds brand identities. Her insane ability to read conceptual project briefs and create authentic, visually clean, and thoughtful brands are the backbone of her skill set. She’s a versatile and adaptive designer who leads the art direction of client campaigns, working in both print and digital mediums. She strives to develop unique and impactful brand aesthetics, always content-centered and concept-driven. Lauren is responsible for the packaging design of many of the tasty elixirs you enjoy on Friday night. She has won multiple ADDY awards and is an encyclopedia of music knowledge.

Tyler Frisbee


BLK DOG’s newest brand developer and interwebs extraordinaire. A graduate of Sage College of Art + Design, Tyler gained experience developing branding and web assets during his internship at Overit Media. He is passionate about facilitating clear yet awesome brand identities and draws inspiration from minimalism, historical references, and counterculture. Tyler’s work at BLK DOG includes brand ID building, web development, and clever sarcasm. He spends most of his off-duty time being nerdy, hacking weird things and listening to good ol’ rock n’ roll.

Alexis Willey


Alexis worked in newsrooms, on corporate marketing campaigns, for a toy magazine, and as a copy editor before coming to BLK DOG. She is all about consistency, especially when it comes to the Oxford Comma. Even out of the office, Alexis is always looking for weird typefaces or word choices in the wild. She lives in Greenwich, NY with her boyfriend and two cats, loves theme parties, Halloween, hanging with her family, and Caravaggio’s paintings, and runs a local non-profit art project in her (very limited) free time. ⁠

Kerry Mason


Kerry has been a part of the BLK DOG team since its inception close to a decade ago. Her expertise lies in bringing your organization into our agency’s accounting system by managing your account history, providing estimates, and having detailed, on-hand billing updates available in a timely manner. She’s the framework of our organization’s systems and processes, and makes sure we all get our “time-sheets” in on time! She manages everything from HR, to payroll, to employee retirement planning.

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Sometimes change can bring a fresh, new beginning. Don’t fall behind for refusing to acknowledge a new era of your business. By learning about your objectives, positioning, and ideas, we craft custom solutions to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. We have the tools to take your business to the next level.


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