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5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing

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5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Many of you know that consistently creating quality content for your marketing will help you to stand out. The next question becomes, where do I get the time to focus on my content marketing? Rather than fret about all the extra hours it’ll take to improve the quality of your content marketing strategy, focus on streamlining the tasks your currently are performing. We’ve put together 5 ways you can streamline your digital marketing this year to focus more on the content you put out.

The rise of digital marketing has opened up a whole new world of connections. What do we mean by connections here? Compatibility between platforms such as Facebook, MailChimp, WordPress, Google, and hundreds of other services. Even services such as UPS and Square now integrate seamlessly with a properly designed website. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of these to create efficiencies that let you focus on other tasks first. Digital marketing is evolving and by taking advantage of this you can focus on other tasks like your content marketing.

1) Set Up a Social Media Dashboard

Everyone knows that social media is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. We also know it can be a HUGE distraction. Especially if you’re going on there multiple times a day to post content. Rather than take time out of each day you should schedule out your social media content in advance. This will allow you to set up your content ahead of time and only occasionally post throughout the week. There are numerous apps such as Buffer and Hootsuite that are simple and will help you to get started posting content, saving time, and managing all your profiles right from one screen.

While this is great for setting up posts, setting up ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram can be more complex. Take advantage of the updates Facebook provides to create a variety of ad campaigns that will also post on Instagram. Getting your brand out there has never been so easy.

2) Integrate Your Events Feed or Calendar

Many businesses have a calendar or events feed that needs to stay up to date. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and have found that regardless of your industry or number of employees keeping this area of you site up to date is a priority.

Maybe you’re a board and have 10 individuals who can post events to your calendar. If so, look into integrating a Google Calendar feed into your site. This will allow any of the designated people to post a new event directly from any device and have it show up on the website. Or maybe you’re in the entertainment industry and rely on social media to stay in front of your audience. Rather than update your website and Facebook events, integrate a Facebook events feed and have it all done at once. This way you’re connecting with your audience on the most popular social network and also keeping your site up to date.

3) Automate Email Newsletters

On to the next part of your website that can create efficiencies for your digital marketing tasks. Blogs, or newsletters depending on what you call them internally. Most businesses will put out a blog or post an article and send them out to their subscribers. Seeing how this is generally a similar email every time, why not have this automatically go out once the blog/article is live on your site? Using an RSS Campaign you can do just that.

Platforms such as MailChimp have now made it relatively easy to set this up. Now every time you post on your blog a new campaign will automatically go out. Think of all the time you’ll save not having to create a campaign every time! Further customization even allows you to determine which days and times to have content go out. Anyone that updates their blog or posts articles frequently should seriously consider an RSS feed.

4) Ecommerce Integrations

Selling products online can often be portrayed as a difficult and time-intensive task. In reality it should be just the opposite. The only thing you should gave to do to fulfill an order is box it up and hand it to the mailman at your doorstep. If your site doesn’t allow you to do this then you should seriously consider switching things up. Additionally if your site is built on an up to date CMS platform, you’re able to host everything directly on your site without using any third party store services. This may be more intensive to set up at first, but the up front costs heavily outweigh the monthly payments you’ll make for an equivalent third party provider. Not to mention it will give a very professional look to your business online.

Develop your store directly on site, set up your payment gateway, add a shipping provider, and receive updates directly in your inbox. The only thing left for you to do is box up the order and hand over to the mailman. We can already see your scheduling opening up for some content marketing creation.

5) Website Updates

Finally one of the most important things you should be consistently doing. Keeping your website up to date. Why did we put this on our list? Every piece of digital content should give a user the option to go back to your website.

Setting up notifications to remind you when an update is out can be one of the easiest ways to ensure that you’re staying on top of this. There’s nothing worse than going to a website only to find some of the content broken. For example you’re doing a great job using a social media dashboard and posting frequently across multiple channels. What if someone finds you via Google and isn’t immediately ready to buy? If they see an up to date and properly functioning Facebook or Instagram feed they may connect with you on these networks. This way they will consistently view your content and you’ll stay at the top of their mind for when they are ready to buy.

The time you spend keeping these up to date will be much less than trying to fix something that’s broken. It’s also much easier to increase your brand awareness and stay in front of potential customers than reach out to cold leads. So use your website as your digital marketing hub and keep it up to date to give users a great look at what you do.

You may have heard this before, but its still all about connections. Not just personal ones but technology too! Take the steps mentioned above and give your digital marketing a boost this year. No more focusing on the tedious tasks that you feel you have to do, and spend more energy on developing your content marketing!