5 Event Marketing Tips to Have The Busiest Booth in The Room

5 Event Marketing Tips to Have The Busiest Booth in The Room

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5 Event Marketing Tips to Have The Busiest Booth in The Room

Almost everyone has attended a networking event. While you may love or hate them they are extremely valuable to your personal and professional growth if you approach them right. You have the opportunity to get in front of prospects and gain connections to help you down the road. Make sure you are approaching these events right with our 5 event marketing tips to have the busiest booth in the room.

Promote BEFORE the Event

Our event marketing tips start way before you arrive at the event. It’s not about anyone coming to your booth, but the right people. Spread awareness that you’ll be there to clients, prospects, and the general public. Encourage your followers to check out your booth using check-in features of social media, like Facebook, and offer an incentive for visiting. For those who couldn’t make it, try Instagram live! Let them feel as if they’re right there with you. Maybe put on a demonstration too! This can also help you grab more followers and engage your existing audience.

Design Your Booth to Stick Out From the Crowd

When designing your booth consider your target audience. Ask yourself – “With whom do you want to talk to at the event?”. Think about what these attendees are looking for. Keep these details in mind and create a booth presence that matches this. Consider adding seating or a charging station if the event is filled with attendees. You can even compliment other offerings at the show. This provides an opportunity for you to talk to them more organically. Another way to stand out is to select a unique design for the booth. Of course make sure it matches your branding, but there are thousands of unique design styles and pieces you can use. All together make sure you have an unforgettable presence.

Capitalize On Your Best Asset: Your Staff

While the booth design is important for attracting your target audience to your booth; nothing is more important than your staff. We all know you need to be approachable and friendly. So get creative with this too! Maybe you have custom apparel that employees wear. This could be a lead in to a conversation or just something that simply stands out.

Think Outside The Box

Most of the time the event organizer will have X, Y, and Z sponsorships. If there’s something you’d like to do that you don’t see listed, just ask! There may be something you can do at the event to increase your booth’s presence without even using a sponsorship. If the event features many local businesses think of how you can raise awareness for your brand at their locations before, during, and after the event! Don’t be too overbearing though.

Bring Value to the Conversation

After you give your elevator pitch or get past saying hello to an old acquaintance, how can you steer the conversation in the right direction. Maybe you bring up a solution to an issue they’ve been having. Even better, give them a quick free audit of sorts to show both the positives and negatives of an area of their business. This often is one of the most effective lead ins to a more in depth conversation about how you can help them. This doesn’t have to be the flashiest offering, but can sometimes provide the most value. Many people may be unaware of the negatives of say, their website! However, don’t leave it at the negatives. Make sure you provide a valuable solution for them.

Think about how you can make your booth the busiest in the room with these event marketing tips. If you are interested in taking these to the next level contact us today!

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