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4 Steps to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

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4 Steps to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

A brand without a marketing campaign is like a car without a steering wheel. You don’t know where you’ll end up. Firing blindly on all cylinders will most likely cost you time and money. Crafting your message, developing your differentiators, and forming a campaign around these will help you to understand who you are, who you serve, and how you’ll reach them. These are the foundational pieces that need to be carefully thought about to develop a successful marketing strategy and build a campaign around it. Read below to learn the 4 steps to create a successful marketing campaign.

1) Complete Your Brand Audit

A solid foundation is the backbone to anything successful in life, not just marketing. Every piece of content you put out should fall in line with your brand values and message as well as your target audience’s best interests. Rather than jumping right into your marketing campaign you need to ensure that your brand foundation is solid as a rock.

What’s included in this foundation? Your messaging, positioning, sources of differentiation, as well as other internal/external variables. All these must align with each other in a manner that appeals to your target audience. Don’t forget your visual identity too! If you’re positioning yourself as a traditional, classic brand but your logo doesn’t fall into those categories you’ll lose customers the second they see you.

2) Craft Your Marketing Strategy

You might be asking what’s the difference between my marketing strategy and marketing campaign.

A marketing strategy is your overall plan which consists of demographic targets, goals/objectives, channel specific strategies, and messages that align with your targets. In other words, big picture planning for your business. A marketing campaign promotes your offerings though mixed media. These may include targets, goals, and messages that fall underneath your overall marketing strategy.

We like to think that every campaign falls into one of the following categories.

  • Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Action Oriented Campaigns
  • Retargeting Campaigns

Why’s this? Because you’re almost always looking to either expose yourself to new followers, encourage a specific action, re-engage current followers, or some combination of the 3. Clearly knowing what each piece of content falls into is important to tell the story of your brand.

3) Execute Your Plan

Once your brand has a solid foundation, your marketing strategy and campaigns are in place you then will need to execute your plan. What does this mean? Time to produce content! Closely follow your plan and constantly review what is working best. Who knows, you might find value in something you didn’t seriously consider at first, or see one section of your business boom. Stick to the plan for a designated period of time (we like to say at least 3 months).

4) Recalibrate and Review

We’ll get straight to the point here. Nothing will go exactly as planned. No matter how well organized and thought out your marketing campaign is, you will always need to make adjustments on the fly. New opportunities pop up, new competition emerges, certain tactics fall flat. What you thought might not catch on could end up being one of your most successful methods of obtaining customers. While you should definitely know the primary channels to use to reach your audience, the specific messages and content within these will reveal key analytics about your brand.

In Conclusion:

Take these 4 steps to get your marketing strategy ready to roll and begin to grow your market presence. Remember not everything will go as planned. You’re almost guaranteed to learn something new about your business and how your audience reacts. Using your best judgment then determine whether you need to adjust your marketing campaign, double down in certain areas, or keep plugging away.